Pro Cube Controller on PC?

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    I recently snagged a pro cube controller on a deep discount, mainly because it's bluetooth and shaped like a Gamecube controller. For those who don't know, the pro cube controller is a 3rd party WiiU Pro Controller by Hyperkin. The issue as I've read online, is that 3rd party WiiU Pro controllers tend to work exclusively with WiiU, and are not detectable by anything else. Since I bought this with the intent of using it on anything but WiiU (with the help of a titan one adapter), I was a bit dissapointed to find that I couldn't discover it for pairing. I had a thought that maybe if I name my device the same name as a wiiu, it would do something, so that leaves me with the question if anyone knows the name of the wiiu on a bluetooth level, or a way to find it out (I'm not sure if it can be sniffed or something). If anyone has any insight, or some workaround to pair it to PC, please post.

    TLDR: I want to pair a 3rd party wiiu pro controller to PC, suggestions?