Priiloader vs StartPatch??

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by OhYa, Mar 26, 2010.

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    So ya, like whats the Differnce between StartPatch and Priiloader?
    I am using Priiloader and just wondered what the dif was, and so I searched around and cant really find anything that says use one vs the other or why...


    Side Question;
    A friend was telling me that there is a way to launch backups with the normal game chanel instead of having to use a launcher such as NeoGamma...
    is this true?
    Dont wana get into a big discussion about it, if there is just a link would be cool or even a name of what to search for...
  2. FenrirWolf

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    1) StartPatch is basically the hacks.ini feature of Priiloader as a standalone app. In other words, it doesn't preload anything, it just applies patches to the system menu.

    I use it since I already have BootMii as boot2 and don't really need Priiloader's functionality aside from some handy system menu patches like turning off the annoying background music.

    2) It's called cIOScorp. Search around and you'll find it real quick.
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    If you can't get BootMii as boot2, Priiloader can interrupt the boot process (albeit at a later point), and autoboot into homebrew. In addition, Priiloader lets you use System Menu hacks, which can be useful to play real Wii games without updating.

    StartPatch can apply a similar set of hacks, like Starfall from the good old days. As mentioned above, StartPatch is useful if you have BootMii as boot2 and don't need Priiloader. Note that you can have BootMii as boot2 and Priiloader installed.

    To load burned discs from the Disc Channel, you need a modchip or cIOSCORP (for cIOSCORP, just send anything to that email address, it'll reply with the download link).
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    To launch backup games from the Disc Channel, you don't need to carpet bomb your IOSes with cIOSCORP.

    Just set the option in Priiloader to load the system menu from IOS 249 (or wherever you've installed the latest cIOS) and it's done!!
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    not sure if that works

    but it definitely doesn't work with new games that have 002 errors, and it wont work with ios reloading games