Priiloader v0.8 beta4 changelog

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Supercool330, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Hello, I noticed earlier today that the changelog for Priiloader v0.8 beta is no longer available on DacoToco's website, so I grabbed it from the google cache before it disappears forever. Here it is:
    As always, Priiloader v0.8 beta4 can be downloaded here.
    Edit: Apparently soon after I created this post, the direct download of Priiloader v0.8 beta4 was taken down. To update to v0.8 beta4, install v0.7 (link) and enable the setting to install beta updates.
  2. lulwut

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    Mar 19, 2010
    Enjoy your not valid link. i think daco is clearing most direct links to the dols & archieves as he dislikes reuploads. seeing what he said in #wiiflow & #wiihacks

    and you can download the latest versions from inside priiloader anyway (beta's included if you enable the setting)

  3. KiiWii

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    What is the most recommended version of priiloader? I'm still on 0.7 :-/
  4. SifJar

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    Apr 4, 2009
    That makes approximately zero sense. Changing the link from a static link won't stop anyone from reuploading it in anyway. Unless you (sorry "he") make it impossible to obtain the dol in any way (which would severely limit it's utility to most people...), people will still have the dol and can then reupload anywhere they please. What it does stop is people using automated downloaders like ModMii or whatever. But the reason you give makes no sense whatsoever.
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  5. lulwut

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    go discuss with him. i dont know any details.
  6. tueidj

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    Dude, we know you're Daco. The mods know it too. If you're not going to bother providing support for your app I don't think your dupe account will last much longer.
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  9. Etheboss

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    Sorry to bump this thread, but Daco actually provides support for the app, if there is a serious problem reported, him, me and a few other testers are trying to reproduce the problem and he will try to correct it..
    Also any good idea's are welcome, If people have suggestions, they can always goto the forum on his site and post it.