Preorder Vanquish, get Bayonetta for free!

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    If you pre-order upcoming action game Vanquish you'll get Japanese developer PlatinumGames' other game Bayonetta free – but only at said the impressive deal is available for a limited time only. The online shop will bung in a lenticular sleeve, too.

    A PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace demo is out now, for those of you sitting on the fence. Publisher SEGA will release a second demo in the West after the game's 22nd October release.

    Vanquish is from Resident Evil man Shinji Mikami. It's a third-person cover shooter set in the near future when the world's resources are almost depleted.

    The Russians and US are violently disputing ownership of a space station designed to draw energy from the sun, and you play a dude in a lightweight mech suit sent in to separate the men from the armoured soldiers with rechargeable shields.

    Christian Donlan went hands-on in August.

    Bayonetta features a sultry witch and is considered the spiritual successor to the Devil May Cry series. Simon Parkin reviewed in November last year. Hint: it's well good. [/p]

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    Too lazy to get a pic, sorry.

    This is badass, gives me so much more incentive to get it, seeing as Bayonetta is still like $40 for a new copy.
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    That's a great deal.
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    Do it. Anyone that has been sitting on the fence about Vanquish, you know have a great reason to get as you get a brilliant game for free.