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Nov 15, 2010
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Hey there I recently started trying to play Breath of the Wild on my PC and was really enjoying it up until I got the camera rune. I'm playing with Full sync at GX2DrawDone off, so I got the bug with the stuttering camera making it extremely difficult to take any photo's. I done some research found it's a known, and the generally accepted answer is to turn on Full sync at GX2DrawDone and take the performance hit (or toggle it on/off dynamically which is awkward and really immersion breaking). Now if I had any other hardware setup I would probably have accepted the performance hit and put it down to my computer not being powerful enough, but I am running a 3700x with a 2080ti, and yet that setting still drastically tanks the framerate, I can barely maintain 60 with it on. It almost feels like a soft 60FPS cap (Maybe I'm being too fussy I know this is a 30FPS game but it can run so much better). I done some further investigating and figured out that temporarily capping the game to 30FPS through rivatuna kind of fixes the issue also (not entirely, but certainly makes taking pictures a lot more possible).

I have quite a technical background in programming/software development and generally tinkering with games, though don't have a tonne experience in reverse engineering which I'm guessing is somewhat required here. But my question is, would it be possible to create a mod/graphics pack that conditionally caps the framerate to 30FPS only when the camera rune is being used (or better yes conditionally enable GX2DrawDone). I get that detecting that might be a bit hard but would it potentially be possible to check for the existence of a texture, or failing that using straight up image matching (guess that could be very CPU intensive). Now i don't really know how I would go about making this work, testing this theory, or whether it's just a completely dumb idea that straight up couldn't work. So I would really like to speak to someone who has worked on one of the BotW FPS related mods on this for an explanation. It would be really cool if we could come up with a fix/workaround for this issue, and it would make breath of the wild basically perfect on Cemu.
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