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Jan 29, 2008
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postLoader, made by GBAtemp community member stfour, has made the leap from v3 to version 4. This versatile Wii application can be used in conjunction with Priiloader or as a standard app, as an alternative to the Homebrew Channel and/or system menu. It has support for launching Wii games, GameCube games via DML, VC/Wiiware titles from real or emulated NAND, and also can boot fceugx, vbagx, snes9xgx, and genplusgx titles. Check out the spoiler below for an extensive list of changes, and be sure to join in the on-going discussion for more information about this homebrew project and the latest off-site download.

  • postLoader 4.b12
  • solved an issue from covercache on dol/elf loading to mem2
  • added a check on dol loading
  • postloader will now create the folder for emulator screenshots (covers.emu)
  • changed some wrong text

    postLoader 4.b11
  • d-cross up select wii games/dml. down for emu.
  • added selection for dml mode (0.x for < 58, 1.x for new dml)
  • added more video modes for dml (only 1.x mode)
  • added nodisc and padhook flags in per game settings (only 1.x mode)
  • wbfs games on first FAT32 partition can be booted via neek2o from real nand (neekbooter 1.4 is required as FileTrip Download Link priiloader autoboot installed file in /nand/pl2o nand image)
  • note: genplus doesn't work for me

    postLoader 4.b10
  • corrected a bug in grlib drawimage functions, that may not scale correctly the texture
  • covercache: fixed threading and now start caching current page items instead of previous one.
  • icons: fixed possible fault with long text

    postLoader 4.b9
  • huge speed improvement in importing emu snapshots
  • Added support for genplusgx emulator

    postLoader 4.b8
  • postLoader is capable of import saved snapshots as covers (fceugx, vbagx, snes9xgx)
  • rendering speedup checking and disabling offscreen objects

    postLoader 4.b7
  • in dol embedded configuration is stored only when needed (great speedup on hb start)
  • corrected long filenames exception for emulators

    postLoader 4.b6
  • Integrated uid.sys manager for neek is partially working. Press [home] in channel mode (under neek2o/neek)
  • Now hb apps are loaded directly to mem2... launching is even faster
  • Added emulator support for fceugx, vbagx

    postLoader 4.b5
  • Changed the HDD keep live function
  • Updated all sorting functions to qsort
  • Changed escape code for TTF flags, as char 255 caused wrong behavior in mbstowcs
  • new TTF width caching system, with full support for wide chars
  • fixed icon font size during scrolling

    postLoader 4.b4
  • Changed a lot of on-screen information
  • Corrected a bug on apps name from xml in homebrew mode
  • Corrected a bug on channels name

    postLoader 4.b3
  • Adjusted position of some user inteface items...
  • Simplified HOME menu for all modes
  • Added a direct shortcut for Setting Editor GUI in the bottom bar (S.E. Gui must be installed in /apps/SettingsEditorGUI/ or /apps/Settings Editor GUI/)

    postLoader 4.b3
  • Added texture based cache system for GRRLIB ttf implementation
  • Added a cache for ttf character size in GRRLIB
  • emuBrowser: now using qsort for sorting
  • Added topbar for selecting browser mode
  • Added bottombar for selecting about/setup/disc/neek(bootmii)/setting editor (if installed)
  • Now disc is checked before starting it.
  • priibooterGUI 2.7: little change in fade timing to give a little more time to press a key on wiimote

    postLoader 4.b1
  • Now postLoader uses TTF fonts
  • Fixed a bug on GRRLIB when measuring character width (TTF)
  • Fixed a bug on homebrew parameters detection
  • Corrected some memory allocation bugs
  • Added emulator page (actually only snes9xgx, and roms must be in /snes9xgx/roms). A great THANK to fix94 for his hard works on emulators
  • Corrected a random bug that was causing the hang of cover cache thread.

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