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    If you play videogames sure enough have heard a victory fanfare, and of course one of the many you may have heard have left an impression on you.

    The purpose of this thread is to share your favorites to let everyone feel victorious as you did hearing them.
    oohh and don't need to be necessarily of RPG games, granted is the song you get after beating a level/stage/phase/whatever, result screens work too. Super Mario World and DooM are good examples.

    Now here is my top 8. why 8 you ask?? well this 8 are the one I remembered while writing this, that's it.

    Golden Sun
    Valkyria Profile
    Chrono Cross
    Deathsmiles II
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Pokemon Black/White Victory against Team Plasma
    Tales of Xillia
    and of course

    EDIT: can a mod edit the title and add the missing R on your?? I just noticed and is bothering me.
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    It may sound cliché, but...