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    Sep 2, 2018
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    So, after bricking my Wii U after one stupid move 4 months ago, I slowly walked towards the direction of my 2 year old unmodded Wii, SD Card and such in hand, and 4 months after that, here I am now, with my modded wii with a bunch of CFW on it. But lately I've been reading threads about Bootmii as boot2 and as IOS and Priiloader and how they can be used as brick protection so me, being the paranoid person I was, thought I was gonna mess something up with my wii, and decided to install both, Bootmii and Priiloader, but something that got me thinking when I was installing Bootmii was how I could only install Bootmii as IOS. So I dug a bit deeper into the internet and found out about how the boot1 in older wiis had the Trucha Bug, which allowed for bootmii to be installed as boot2 on them (forgot how and why) but was patched in Newer Wiis a few years later. I'm one of those people with the newer wiis asking if there's a way to downgrade my wii's boot1 in order to be able to install bootmii as boot2. I'm asking this because people say boot2 is better than IOS and I don't like having to launch Bootmii from the Homebrew Channel/Priiloader.
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    Jun 12, 2009
    Unfortunately no, boot1 is unmodifiable because it's hash checked by boot0.

    Boot0 being an actual ROM so it can't be modified as well.

    In theory, you should be ok with Priiloader so long as you never tamper with boot1/2, the system menu and it's ios. At least under 'normal' homebrew usage.
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