Poor experiences with businesses -- What's your story?

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    Have you ever had this poor experience with a store you went to, for example, Best Buy, financial support businesses, entrepreneurs, etc? Share them here. It's interesting. It can also help other fellow tempers making decisions with franchises of the business or the business itself.

    For example, a year ago, we bought this dining table set from Bad Boy. On the day of delivery, we receive the dining table we had not ordered, along with the delivery men leaving a huge mess of box, styrofoam, and cardboard in our house. We told them we did not order this and they say "Call Bad Boy and they'll deal with it" and left.

    We called Bad Boy, and they sent a guy a week later to pick the dining table up along with the box and the styrofoam, etc in our house, and we were waiting for the one which we purchased on. Customer Service people said we'd get it TWO weeks later.

    Pissed off as hell, we managed. A day before the delivery, Bad Boy calls and they say that they can't deliver it cause the warehouse won't drop it off to our house that day. They said we'd receive it a WEEK LATER! So we got pissed off so hard, that my sister told them off and told them to deliver it cause that's unacceptable, and we had guests coming over. We finally got our dining table weeks later. The end.
    Share your story! What annoying experience did you face with stores?

    However, if there is a thread that exists like this, I am completely sorry and that is fucking embarrassing. Delete the thread, mod, if such thread exists. Wait. You might be thinking : "Wow, ComeTurismO, it's a bit strange that you just posted a thread, thinking about it right off the bat, over a situation that happened last year!" Well, actually, I haven't. We bought a new dining table, so we were reflecting on the situation and were discussing how better and professional The Brick is. We never had a problem with them. Wondering how our dining table looks? Click the "We bought a new dining table," above. After "reflecting", it gave ME the idea to post a thread here and share the experience, and have you all share your OWN experiences with other people! Please note that the picture has been retrieved online, and the dining table itself and the bench with it along with the dining table's chairs are completely accurate from what we ordered. It is being delivered on the 16th of January, 2014.
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    Wanna read your post and I don't mean to be that guy but its hard to read properly with no paragraphs or anything. Can you break it up a little
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    Ah, I edited it. How is it now?
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    Still too much to read. A tildur would be nice.
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    Its perfectly fine, i believe that you have to read it ALL to fully understand whats your situation. Anyways i don't think i have had any problems like this or i can't remember. Will post later though.
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    Funny that you mention it, a german blogger had nearly the same problems as you.
    Posted in September about it and has to this day no replacement, etc.
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    I almost spambotted this

    I am still might
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    I forgot
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