Pokemon Y (US) game turn (Jap)..... help

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    I have 2 3ds. One is a US 3ds xl and i recently got a Japanese 3ds with 4.3.0 firmware for gateway. Now we know that 3ds are region lock so if you put a US game on a Japanese 3ds you cant see the game. So i installed gateway and blah blab blah it works. I made a backup copy of my US Pokemon y to play on my Japanese 3ds. I put the game in my Japanese 3ds and it shows up in the gateway classic mode. So i made a backup copy of it.
    something happen.. when i play the rom the rom became japanese... so i put in my original us copy in classic mode and it reads it as a japanese pokemon y. so i shut down my japanese 3ds and turn it back on and in the none gateway mode it shows the pokemon game cartridge in japanese..

    But i can't play it in my mode on my japanese 3ds. But i can still play it on my 3ds xl.

    Has anyone encounter this problem? help

    sorry i posted on the wrong sub forum
  2. misterb98

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    I have noticed with Japanese region free that the Japanese 3ds will load a different header (image on top screen) for games if it can. Games like Ocarina of Time 3d and Kid Icarus uprising, even if US games, will show a Japanese header when put in the system. You should, however, be able to run the games fine.
  3. cearp

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    May 26, 2008
    it's nothing specific to running the games on a japanese 3ds... i have had the same can happen on other regions of 3ds. :)
    if the rom you are playing has the contains a banner and a title for the other region then, it will show up :)
    nothing to be afraid of :)
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