Pokemon Switch rumored to be "Reboot"

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    At this point Nonwunners are more annoying than Genwunners. Kanto Pokémon are getting attention. So what? A lot of them have been left in the dust and are really mediocre, especially competitively, compared to the next gens and their power-creeps. Megas and Alolan forms helped and I have nothing against that - if anything, you'd think people sick of these Pokémon would be glad to see them changed and redesigned, right? Nope, people love hating.

    Then again, I don't believe we'll see Kanto again, at least not as the first Switch outing. Having completely new Pokémon inhabiting the region could possibly, maybe happen if we're considering the "reboot" thing, but they would not dare give us starters other than the original trio in the Kanto region - and the starters are a huge deal in promotion and merchandise, they're the faces of their generation next to the legendaries.

    All this talk about overhauling the battle system leaves out one huge thing though - the competitive. Pokémon has its own World Championships, a tournament, with very dedicated players. If they make any big changes to the system's very basics (which I would welcome, why not), they would have to make sure to keep it about strategy and preparation and calculating risks-vs-rewards more than about button presses or motion controls. This is not Splatoon or ARMS, the skills required should be all in the brains.
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    team rocket was the true evil team for me they runned all underground markets and mafia, controlled citys and casinos, they experimented on pokemons,stole them, selled them on gen 2 they were basicaly evil but realisticly evil not comic book evil. They looked like something and organized crime network would do, isntead of evil to reshape the world kinda of deal we got from gen 3 and up.
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    I think the best thing that could happen to the series is a full reboot, going back to the basics and maybe a change of how the battling system work.
    I'm HOPING that some aspects change, like focusing on the RPG part instead of being a farm simulator where you grind like an idiot to get a specific breed.
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    Hmmm.....I played through Pokemon Red on my Super Gameboy back in the day (Yes, I'm showing my age, here).

    Now, I just recently watched the first 30 minutes of the Pokemon: I Choose You movie and I'd say, if they ARE going to return to Kanto, it'll be a mash up like that movie was. In the first part that I watched, we had Pikachu, Piplup, and Lucario all battling against Entei. Pikachu being the only Gen 1 pokemon in that battle.

    So, if we assume that new generations of pokemon trainers begin their journeys every year, why couldn't we start a new trainer in the Kanto region of 2018? 1997 was a long time ago and a LOT has probably changed in the region! We could see an updated, modern (evolved, if you will?) version of the Kanto region as our starting off point.

    With the current ways that programming in games has changed, we could see a more open-world approach, perhaps? You could design your own character, not just visually, but even with affinities for certain elements of the game or even certain types of pokemon (Like Misty and her water types or Brock and his rock types) so that your pokemon would get bonuses if they matched your trainer's type! You could even start out in a town of your choice and the pokemon you encounter would scale to your trainer's level (which should be a measurable stat, rather than just the number of badges you have!)

    There could also be more than 8 towns that have pokemon gyms (Remember when Gary had 10 badges?) and you only have to get 8 to take on the League.

    As for the battle system...it is both antiquated and tried and true.... I'm a fan of turn-based, so I wouldn't change it to a real-time situation. Enhancing it to be more intuitive and user friendly, while retaining all the improvements over the years (Having Mega and Z moves on the same system, for instance). The only thing I'd really change about how combat works is to do full animations for each attack in the vein of games like Fire Emblem. Granted, Pokemon has a LOT of moves....and it'd be strange (and daunting) to try and make every move look realistic on every pokemon, but I think that would be a more immersive, engrossing experience.. If we needed a more active battle system, I'd say move onto a continuous turn-based or similar that uses action points or an action gauge (Fallout Tactics, Final Fantasy, etc) where each player has to build up to use an attack or throw a pokeball, etc.

    (Well, that was longer than I intended, but there you go...)
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    Black/White 3?

    Please nintendo
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    Just give people like me who dont like pvp in pokemon something to do and give us a reason to use legendaries. I love having cool looking monsters but have nothing to use em on
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    They say this every time a new pokémon game is announced or is announced to be in development.
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    yea i saw this earlier. If it is a reboot i want it to be like black and white. That's where i(kinda) started and I loved it.