Pokemon Save File Problem

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    Mar 16, 2010
    Ok this is the problem and i will try to give as much information as possible.

    Ok the save file i downloaded from Filetrip here on the GBAtemp network because as per then the game was not translated and i just wanted to battle. I am on Pokemon White and I have patched the game with Rudolph and the v3 English Patch. I have also pokegen'd a bit due to battling on wifi.

    Ok i want to play the game on an emulator so i can record some gameplay.


    The Game loads up completely fine and i can get to the main menu with no problems. But then it cannot read the save file. I have made sure that the sav file is the exact same name (apart from .sav) to the rom name. I have also imported backup memory and resetted afterwards to try and to play the sav file and yet to no avail.


    Well after a while I gave up on desmume and tried on No$Gba. Well you all know how No$Gba is and needs to be patched which i did with the action replay codes for main codes and pokemon white codes. Now the game loads up completely fine and yet again i have made sure that the sav file names and the rom names are exactly the same. The game loads to the main menu no problems but once again there is not an option to resume game. I also put the sav file in the Battery folder in No$Gba.

    After this i found this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzBV4I5VoqA and in the description there are codes to "fix the sav file". But after putting them into No$Gba and resetting the rom: it did load a sav file but not mine. And when i put the rom and the sav file onto my EDGE flashcart with 2.0 firmware: there was no sav file available .

    Well i hope i have provided you guys with as much as information as possible to fix this problem. And you guys at GBAtemp can help me out. Thank You for reading and i would be even more thankful if i could get a solution [​IMG]
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    First off, for the DeSmuMe and the downloaded save to work you need to convert the .sav into a .dsv
    You can find info about doing that here.
    If that doesn't work for you, I can find info for the NO$GBA problem.

    Also, I would recommend patching a clean Pokemon game with the latest translation patch seeing that you are using v3 and that v7 has been out for a while.
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    Mar 16, 2010
    Thank You Spenstar i did not know it needed conversion. I thought you just had to import it. Thank you very much and ill be sure to update my english patch version. [​IMG]

    And mods you can lock this. The question has been answered.