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    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl For The DS
    My first review
    Review By Colinohyeah17

    Intro: So it's another Pokemon game with new Pokemon, new badges, new evil team to fight, and new towns.

    Gameplay: If you played a pokemon game before you know the fighting system if you haven't it's simply tap the big fight button, select an attack, and repeat.
    Simple Right?

    The story is you're a new trainer and you are on your way to become the greatest ever [​IMG] So you must go from town to town collecting badges. But oh noes!!! You have no pokemans. No worries Prof. Rowan has some spares. So going through your adventure you run into Team Galactic who are the villains. They are up to no good and keep running into you along your quest. Beat them, get a badge, and onto next town. You'll also have to deal with the legend of Dialga( or Palkia if you're playing Pearl)Capture him/her/it. Then after obtaining all the badges
    You get to fight the elite four. Beat them become Champion. Then capture more Legendary Pokemon. Success!! Game Over sorta.

    Graphics: Sprites look nice in battle but for a DS game in-game graphics look a little dated.
    Is this a DS Game?

    Sound: Fun, cheery Songs and Sounds. Alot of annoying Pokemon screeches too.

    Lasting Replay: After you beat the game and capture all the Pokemon, what do you do. Play your friends or trade online. Thats it. Only one game save slot so if you wanna replay say goodbye to your old file. Not much to do once you're done

    Overall: Fun RPG, but no replayability. And no differences except for Pokemon appearances between both versions. But still you can waste hours of time playing these gems.
    Final Score
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