Hacking PocketNES Link transfer with ez flash omega?


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Jul 18, 2020
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Greetings all!
I used to frequent this site years ago for GBA and other handheld info and it has been a FANTASTIC resource! I recently rediscovered my old GBA and am giving it a bit of a refresh from years ago. (Better screen, better battery, case refresh, headphone jack and so on...) By some miracle my X-Rom 512Mb was still working after all these years but after spending an almost full day getting it to talk with my PC again (had to install and use Windows 7 32-bit version...) I decided to go with the EZ Flash Omega as an upgrade. Got it, updated it, installed it, working GREAT!
However, there's one thing that I miss from this thing. The old PocketNES had a link transfer option that allowed me to transfer a rom (ex. Contra) to my wife's SP then we could link play without the need for a second cartridge. Is that something that was removed in later iterations of the program that I've missed after all these years? Is it something I can update or add in? I have tried some of my old pocket nes made roms on the new flash, but it seems that the timing is off and it's not as smooth as running an NES rom straight from the Omega.
I've searched around, but haven't found anything thus far, so I'm wondering oif anyone could shed some light on this.
Thanks in advance for any info on the matter!
Good to be back into it again!
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