Please Help me hack my 3ds

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    Nov 19, 2019
    Hi guys, this is my first post sorry if I do something wrong.
    So, to start I want to hack(is that the word) my (old) 3ds xl to play gb, gbc, gba, ds and (free)3ds games (especially pokemon games) but I don't know how to do it.

    I don't have my 3ds now but I will have it later (I'm not home).

    And so I did a little research and will follow the website ( or if you recommended another website you can tell me)
    but I still have some question:

    Should I get a new 2ds xl/new 3ds xl just for this I heard its faster right?
    Because I want to play ds games so I need a flashcard then I realised that I got one, three actually but I never know how it works because I was still a kid and the shop that I bought the (not 3ds 3 ds)(3)ds did it for me so I don't know anything about it and they also make me pay for it too. Me and my mom don't know anything about it that time and it's kind normal for there fishy stores to exist here in Thailand because people have no clue what they are doing but back to the thing.

    Basically I got 3 flashcards from my old 2 ds lite and 1 dsi xl but don't know which one to use and how to update them.
    I will include the pictures.
    I also heard about TWLoader but some people say its not that good so idk.

    And if you think I should just use the ds lite or dsi xl and ps vita?(I have one) you can tell me I will include the picture too.

    Also sorry that the quality of the picture suck I have someone took it for me (as I said I'm not home)

    Thank you for replying if you are. S__19816457. Screenshot_20191119-192156_LINE. Screenshot_20191119-192230_LINE. Screenshot_20191119-192335_LINE.
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