Playtime and videoquality with iPlayer

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by CalleMan, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. CalleMan

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    Oct 19, 2008
    Is it worth using DSTwo´s iPlayer or should i stick with good old Moonshell ?
    I did a minitest just to have a rough comparing in playtime. Clip done in Xilisoft using mainly default settings.
    The visual quality on iPlayer reminds me of the old Moonshell not being able to show enough colors to have a smooth picture , seems to be outdated.


    Well im gonna use Moonshell for music and movies most of the time just because it´s better quality on video and the batteries last a whole lot longer.
    But those movies that just can´t get to sync with DPG is great to finally be able to watch on on the DS , the pain of converting DPG´s also speaks for iPlayer and also the subtitle support , but the team have a lot to improve to the iplayer , both power consuming and visual quality is a major issue .
    I wish Moonshell did a DSTwo-version with support for common video formats.
  2. KirovAir

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    Dec 7, 2006
    When using a good converter, and optimized codecs, (ffdshow for example, is very customizable) then Moonshell can have really awesome quality.

    Let's put it this way:
    Moonshell 2:
    • Converting occurs on the computer, with good & efficient codecs.
    • Which results in a smaller-sized DPG file, optimized for DS-playback.
    • = Less CPU use for the DS, and better quality as the scaling is done on a computer with much better resizing algorythms.
    • 'Converting' (playback) occurs on-the-fly on the DS, with fast algorithm (also, resizing), so less efficient when you look at quality of the video.
    • Which results in bigger-sized video files on your DS. Only playable with the SCDS2.
    • = Lot's of CPU use for the DS & OnBoard CPU, and less quality as the scaling is done on-the-fly with a fast algorythm. This ofcourse, uses alot of battery resources.
    Converting may be a pain in the ass, but it's worth the small size, and the battery life. Even the DPG videos look better than most other video files, played with the SCDS2.
    Ofcourse, simply playing your favourite video format on the DS can be easy for users who don't know how to convert properly, or users who are simply to lazy to convert their files.
    And indeed, some files can come out the converter, with syncing issues. But those are fixable with some technical video experience. Even though this is quite advanced, and takes some time. Are those files worth playing on the SCDS2? Definitely. It will save you loads of time fiddling with settings. [​IMG]

    I'm talking about Moonshell 2 btw, with the included converter (not BatchDPG!), using my customized codecs.