Playstation Vita memory cards, accessories priced

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    Gamestop has unveiled the prices of the upcoming Playstation Vita's memory card, as well as other accessories.

    For a 4GB memory card, it'll cost you roughly $30. 8GB is $45, 16GB is $70, and the big 32GB one is $120. Compared to the older memory cards for the PSP and PSP Go, it's a bit of a hike in price.

    The other accessory prices can be seen below:

    PlayStation Vita AC Adaptor - $19.99
    PS VITA Armor GameCase - $7.99
    PS VITA ArmorShell - $12.99
    PlayStation Vita Car Adaptor - $17.99
    PlayStation Vita Card Case - $9.99
    PlayStation Vita Carrying Case - $19.99
    PlayStation Vita Cradle - $19.99
    PS VITA Crystal Custom Case - $19.99
    PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset - $19.99
    PS VITA Nerf Armor - $17.99
    PlayStation Vita Portable Charge - $49.99
    PlayStation Vita Protective Film (Two Pack) - $14.99
    PS VITA Pull N Go Folio - $29.99
    PlayStation Vita Starter Kit - $29.99
    PS Vita Starter Kit - $24.99
    PS Vita Trigger Grip - $17.99
    PlayStation Vita Travel Pouch - $19.99
    PlayStation Vita USB Cable - $14.99

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