PLaying AP2.5 games without LT+ firmware update

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    Mar 19, 2011
    PLaying AP2.5 games without LT+ firmware update

    I have a problem with my assassinscreed brotherhood game after using the dashboard update i could play the game for several hours but the next day it just says unrecognized disc contact xbox/support

    i just wanna say i have been banned for a year and dont care about xbox live i can play dragon age 2 but no assc b
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    "i can play dragon age 2"

    That would be your problem- dragon age 2 comes with a later dashboard* than the beta and you have updated your way past it all and added ap2.5 to your system.

    *longer version- ap 2.5 was added late in the kinect beta phase (well technically it was around before but inactive) but not before some kinect betas had shipped. People could then use these betas to be at a high enough dashboard revision to play the newer games of the time but still dodge AP2.5 , MS did however release another kinect dashboard revision after that (some time in late January) which we have recently seen start to come on discs for some games and dragon age 2 is one of them.