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    I'm planning on reformatting my computer, but before I do so I want to remove the Ubuntu installation off it.

    I believe that I need to delete the two partitions with the file system "Other" as shown in the screenshot below. After that it should be as simple as pressing restore to factory settings.

    Because I don't want to risk fucking up my computer I'm going to burn the system recovery backup disks in case something goes wrong. I already have a system recovery USB.

    So before I proceed I want to ask

    -Is this going to work?

    -When I start my computer it asks if I want to boot to Windows or Linux. How do I change it so it automatically boots to windows?

    -If something does go wrong how do I fix it?
    I believe that I need to put in the system recovery disks and USB and select either boot from DVD or boot from USB in the BIOS.

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    Sep 13, 2009
    If you are reformatting with Windows, it should just remove all OS's present on the hard drive during the installation process.
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    And if the restore to factory utility is anything like the Toshiba one I used yesterday, it works by unmounting active partitions, wiping them, then rebuilding them with a clean Windows OEM install, bloatware and all.

    One useful detail I discovered the other day, if you upgraded from an activated 7/8 to Windows 10, you don't need to restore back to 7/8 to upgrade to 10 again. You can simply install Windows 10 clean and it will automatically activate itself. Very useful for making clean installations without the bloatware.
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