PIKMIN - New Play Control!

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    Jan 14, 2006
    I never had a Game Cube, so I never played Pikmin, decided to get the Wii version to see what the fuzz was all about and damn, this game is great! [​IMG]

    Now, I never played the original so I can't really compare, but the Wii controls add a lot to it, it's hard to believe it was not designed with these controls in mind, and most little Pikmin noises come from the Wiimote speaker which is a cool touch.

    About the game itself, I love how it's absolutely non-linear and encourages exploration of the world and making you learn almost everything by yourself, don't know if I'll be able to find all the pieces in time thought [​IMG]

    So, yeah, if you have missed this on the GC like me, give it a try [​IMG]
    And if you have played it.. it can be a good warm up for Pikmin 3.. shows where the series might be going.
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    Yeah, I've never played it either but I plan on at least renting it from Gamefly to see what it's about. Everyone seems to love it.