Phantasy Star Portable

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    Jul 1, 2004
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    I am playing the game and even thaught i am really missing the town (don't like it text based ...)
    and its pretty fun ... well i am trying out several things and sadly i tried out a bad thing ...

    my mega cute robo helper transformed into some old guy [​IMG]V sadly i didn't save sorta long before i changed it so i had the choice of saving that old dude or not saving it and the like 2 hours gameplay ....

    Well ... question ... how can i get my cute maid girl back ?

    Should i just randomly give my bot those items and hope to get the correct one or is there a list or something ? and umm ... can i even get my old one back ?
    cuz i did feed it 2 items one was with the same number it already had (it still changed) and than another one ... but because the same number as it was before changed it to something else i am not sure ...

    and those items aren't that cheap so ... if anyone knows plz tell me !