Hacking PC as a wii u gamepad.


Mar 7, 2016
Sooo.. i googled alot around for this, cant find anything about it, just to reverse thing i want.

so can you get you'r PC to connect to your Wii U as a gamepad/regualr wii remote. eather it exists and i suck on google. or someone havent made it yet? cos all i find is '' How to use XXXX to your PC '' but i want to use my PC as XXXX to my Wii U :)

Edit : i dont wanna pair it with some cabels, i would like to see if i could connect with my bluetooth on my laptop.
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Other people in this thread are suggesting to use the HID-to-VPAD homebrew to allow a USB keyboard/mouse combo to be used as a GamePad. This is not what the OP is asking for. He want to know if it is possible to actually connect his laptop to the Wii U and use it as a GamePad.

It is possible, but not a lot of people have actually accomplished it. It doesn't use Bluetooth, but rather Wi-Fi to connect to the Wii U (which means that you cannot be connected to the interwebs at the same time, unfortunately).

You will need Linux on your computer, preferably a version of Ubuntu ~13.04 I think? You will also need compatible Wi-Fi hardware, which may mean purchasing a usb-rt2800 (or something like that) USB modem. You will also need to set up libdrc and some other program, look through page 10+ of the forum to find it.

I apologise, as I wish I knew more about this, but I don't.

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You need Linux and some other software. Wish I had a link but I don't. If you don't know Linux at all it wouldn't be worth the trouble to side-boot it just for that.

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