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Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Miss Panda, Jun 26, 2011.

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    I've had a look at all the ones listed on Wikipedia and googled around a bit, but nothing is leaping out at me as more trustworthy than any other. Anyone got one they swear by? Free is preferable and it must be compatible with Win7 & chrome.
    Thanks [​IMG]

    P.S Any you would recommend avoiding, I'd also be interested in hearing about.
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    I tend not to rely on password things but they can be useful.

    "with chrome" might be trickier depending on your chosen API. Copy and paste (which the better programs will scramble after a few seconds and your amateur grade/screen keylogger should be not able to do much with) should always sort it though.

    I suggest avoiding all tied to the OS level user permissions (the likes of Keychain on some apple stuff) and if I can I avoid having them tied to a program (typically a browser, office or accounting program) as it makes migration easier.

    To this end when people ask me for one I tend to point them at (multiple levels, multiple operating systems, lots of storage options, password generation abilities, portable if you want it to be and can have the password database taken for a walkabout if you want) and depending on how far I want to go I might set it up to be on a USB drive as well but we are then talking about security (it pains me to type the next word) solutions.

    Edit: I should also mention cookies and the like. No sense going all in for passwords if you are going to give them away with cookies (well not give them away but have a potential hole like cookies).
  3. Miss Panda

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    Aug 15, 2007
    Thanks for that, [​IMG] that is actually one of the ones on my maybe list. And I very much appreciate your opinions on it.

    Has anyone used lastpass? Or any others for that matter. Or do most people not bother with password management?
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    Probably being lazy.
    I've heard about lastpass, but never used it.

    Best password management is remembering them, but making them all unique.

    OS Wise I use KWallet for Pidgin (Get this, by default my IM client, Pidgin, stores passwords in FUCKING PLAINTEXT in /home/yournamehere/.purple/accounts.xml), a KWallet plugin solves this problem. For anything else I desire either Gnome's Wallet or KDE's wallet takes care of it depending on the operating environments.

    Never, ever have your web browser store the password for you, ever!