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Passive Income NFTs, Nodes, Digital Land +DEFI DONUT


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Dec 15, 2014
United States
English not first language- If you do not wanna deal with reading just watch DEFI below the passage giving A short explanation video
@DinohScene @Costello @BORTZ Mods can we get A sub section - NFTS- NODES- Crypto Metaverse and also A sticky thread of What have you bought with your crypto profits


LOL No XRP post this week but definitely got Alot of those coming next week! Anyway the topic is Passive crypto income and I believe everyone here should at least one passive crypto A node, or A piece of digital land so you won't be phased by the bear market or have to deal with A job that you hate working. First off let's talk about NFTS in the digital world of polkacity and digital Land in decetraland, Oh! wait first here are their websites that you guys should check out and get the hang of in your free time... https://play.decentraland.org/ and https://www.polkacity.io/nft-store
Example of how A polkacity NFT works- A guy in the XRP community bought A Digital gas station on Polkacity back when it was dirt this past summer, since then the price blew up and now the dude makes A good 10+k A month

just imagine someone asking you what work you do for A living and your response is "Oh I own A gas station- make a meesly 10k+ A month". They reply with ok cool where bout, where your gas station located if you don't mind me asking? Your reply saying "its In polkacity". They reply ok wheres that located. your reply "in the digital world". Like do you know how mind blown people will be once you tell them that


Digital land can be prosperous in the real world but did you know it can be just as prosperous in the digital world? Back in the early days of decentraland they was selling land for the Cheap, fast forward to 2021 most of the land people bought back then own A lot more in today times; since there is A huge playerbase in the crypto virtual world. Not too long ago someone sold their land for A good 100k and you might be think why the hell would someone wanna buy digital land? Being A land owner people will come ask to if they can rent your land for a period of time, they might wanna post an Ad or build A shop which they get paid and you get A cut as well


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