Partitions and USB Loader GX?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by LapisLazuli, Dec 15, 2011.

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    It's been a long time since I've been on here/used USB Loader GX, and I was wondering if there was still the 500GB limit for WBFS on loaders? My uncle bought a 2TB External and I figure he probably wants to use the largest portion possible for it if not the whole thing, especially since he bought this just for his Wii.
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    Basically all constraints of WBFS are still there.
    Thats why most people will now recomend using a regular filesystem instead.
    But you will have to check GXs manual to be sure which ones it supports.

    eg using fat32 has the advantage of loading progs from hbc, emulator roms and movies from there too.

    edit: aparently GX "Support up to 8 partitions, FAT32/NTFS/ext2/3/4"
    If its mainly intended for wii use I suggest using a single full size fat32 partition.
    If you want it to store arbitrary PC files too consider a 10%fat 90%ntfs(or ext if you prefer it) split.
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    It wasn't a limit to 500GB, but a limit to 500 games.

    The limit is due to the HDD physical sector's size, as 1 sector is used to store the list of available games.
    Old HDD have sector size of 512 bytes (1 byte per games ID : 500 bytes are used for listing available games, 12 for other things).

    Newer HDD have sector size of 4096bytes, so you can now hold up to 4084 games on a WBFS partition.

    On old HDD, there's an option to "fake" the physical sector size and use two sectors to store the list of games :
    512 + 512 = 1024 = 1012 games.

    If it's your only HDD, I recommand that you use a FAT32 partition.
    FAT32 can be used to store homebrews, but it can also be used for a feature which is currently becoming more and more used : Emulated NAND.

    You extract the content of your Wii to your FAT32 drive, and you can use it as if it was your real Wii.
    A 2TB Wii :P
    multiple wii on the HDD, for different things. (could be a PAL wii/NTSC Wii, or a Wii for Channels only, etc.)
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