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Jul 15, 2009
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Link here, product does this, that, blah blah this is a spam post.

No, not actually a spam post, lol. If anyone has seen my last topic asking about car radios, you'll be glad to see that I still haven't found anything that suits my needs. Not sure why that would make you glad though.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I grabbed a Kenwood KDC-BT752HD from BestBuy, because it has A2DP, iPod support, and all of that wonderful stuff. I had believed, based on what I read, that any radio having A2DP would automatically silence the currently playing audio, regardless of channel, to output the connected phone's audio (use for me would be GPS off of a Galaxy Nexus)

Yet, I was wrong.

So, first off, does anyone have any suggestions as to a radio that DOES have that? I ABSOLUTELY need this radio to be single-DIN, have iPod USB support with control and search, Bluetooth hands free with a built in OR external mic, via HFP, and A2DP that will automatically override the currently playing audio on ANY INPUT (my iPod over USB, usually) to play an audio stream (my phone's GPS). An advisor at Crutchfield said he doesn't know of any aftermarket radios that do that, however I have heard of a few OEM radios doing it (notably on Kia and Ford vehicles).

Assuming there isn't one, what about the Parrot Asteroid I linked? The radio looks neat as hell, especially since it runs Android OS, but the reviews for it both on Amazon (full of bungholes) and Crutchfield (which is generally comprised of people who know what they're talking about) are a totally mixed bag - for every good review, theres two shitty ones. If I need to dorp the money on this, I will, but I want it to be good; since it's an open platform, I could potentially write an app for it that'll do it, and that's to say if it isn't released in an update for the head unit.
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