Dec 2, 2007
United States
Its a campus wide game we play. You sign up and someone organizes the names.
Heres how it goes. You start with a name. You have to tag that person with the name tag to get them out. Then you get the name of the person they were going after.
You cant be tagged in your room, in class, work, or somewhere you are required to be. (intramural games, music practice etc)
We are playing this with out sister floor. My roommate is protected by someone on our floor. (that means the kid has my roommates name and isnt going to tag him, so my roommate is free to do what he wants without being paranoid.
It may sound good but its getting to be a pain.
Its a cool idea for a game but its like a lifestyle change.
To stay in ive seen people break ankles jumping out of second story windows, spending nights touching the clock (your safe there. Ive watched 4 hours standoffs happen there)
I sometimes have to get food for my friends who havent gotten tagged.
The funniest part of this is my roommate has had the same kid for the past week. He wont leave his room cause hes "safe" there or on our floor in general.
Like this kid hasnt gone to class for a week, has had people get him food, and skips all his extra curricular stuff. Its funny.
Oh well. My RA came and talked to my roommate and started telling him to stop killing the guys on the floor cause people think hes doing it cause he doesnt like them.
Big effing deal. You dont choose whos name is ahead of you to kill, you just get a name, and my roommate is simply moving the game forward.

Im getting antsy about Verizon too. I want a iPhone whatever that means, whether i get one on AT&T or Verizon ill get one. I have to wait till January before i make my choice anyways but i wish someone would either confirm or deny the rumors.
Either way its going to be a huge flux of people buying iphones.
I know that anyone like me waiting for the Verizon iphone to drop will either snatch one as soon as they are available or if the rumors fall through (which i am not beyond thinking that it could all be fallacies) there will be a large herd making a b line for AT&T.

Things here at school are piling up again.

I miss the girl...

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