Parallel Worlds: Combined v0.1 (Alpha 3)

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    Parallel Worlds: Combined v0.1 (Alpha 3)
    Parellel Worlds: Combined is a platforming game in development by strata8. This is still a very early version of this game and bugs are therefore to be expected.

    'Parallel Worlds: Combined' is a new platforming game I am currently working on. In it, there are various 'worlds'. Each world will have it's own levels, characters, and enemies, and music. It features a unique camera system, realistic AI, fantastic levels and music, and, of course, my own 'Jelli' world, designed entirely by myself. Extra worlds, levels, and character suggestions/submissions are very much welcomed in the 'Parallel Worlds: Combined - Forums' (link below)

    Rough Backstory (not final):
    You are a character, in your own world, and in your own time. You enjoy life: hanging out with friends, training your skills, talking with girls, etc. But, one day as you are relaxing at your favourite holiday location, a freak wormhole opens up and drags in one of your most prized possessions (unique to your character). In a desperate attempt to retrieve it, you leap in after it, and enter a dark void. Suddenly, you find yourself in a large, open space with various wormholes and portals around you. As you go over to have a look inside one, you find yourself getting sucked in. Desperately, you try to grab something around you, but this effort ends up being futile as there usually isn't anything in a wide open space, anyway. Finally, you succumb to the pull of the wormhole, and end up in a strange world full of mystical (or not so mystical) creatures and characters.

    Now, you must adventure through various areas, jumping on enemies and leaping from world to world. There's one problem, though. You soon realise that all these worlds are parallel, meaning that the object you seek to find is in every world, just in a different form. This makes it extremely difficult for you. Will you find your prized possession? Or will you just end up with a flimsy plastic clone? It's all up to fate... I mean.. you, of course.

    Known Bugs:
    -Err... hyper-speed? Honestly, I have no idea what the heck this is or why it's happening
    -When moving to the left side of the stage, a few pixels of the other stage might show. This is a simple stage limit error.
    -Various collision bugs, particularly with corners. This is because I made which could be called the worst stage in existence.

    [​IMG] Download
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  2. Minox

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    Aug 27, 2007
  3. Artheido

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    Looks to me like a Super Mario super clone.

    Ordinary Life to Abstract World. = Mushroom Kingdom
    Jumping on Enemies and going to different worlds. = The same thing.
    Finding your prized possession only to find it's not in every world. = Princess is in another castle.

    Really original. Even the sprites (though they may be placeholders or something) are from Super Mario so it's obvious that the idea is taken directly from it.
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    Wait, is each level different, or is there different types of stages. more screens please D:

    EDIT: Nevermind, THIS IS JUST AN EXTRA EARLY RELEASE, no stages except a 10 second level have been added. should have been released later.
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