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    Jul 1, 2004
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    Could someone give me tips how to beat Arin with Cecilia on Silvia Cannon ?

    I tried it many many times now and i am allways short before destroying something !

    I do an Eagle on a Par 4 Hole and Arin mages HIO, i do a long put she just makes a long chip in, i hit into the water with 256y club and she reaches with a 240y one ...

    thats so fucking annoying .... i believe i tried it around 10 times now and i was just once near winning but than she just easily made the last 3 holes with impossible scores [​IMG] she has allways around 1000pang with all those great shots where my best score is around 600

    Are there any tricks or whatever ? i don't really wanna search for those calculation things and use them ....
    a game that is impossible to beat for normal player is just shit [​IMG]