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    Feb 5, 2008
    ive got a few games from reliable sources i.e gba , to try on my wii , i have a pal, wiikey , nintendo wii updated to firmware 3.1 and wiikey on 1.9b all work fine but i found a game from another source and it said pal multi5 does this mean i can play on my wii , i have no config disc as i only want to stick to games on my region , i see the games on gba are pal (eur) is this the only kind of pal you can get and will it be safe for me to try on my wii ? i obviously dont wanna break it, brick it etc so would like a heads up on this 1 plz if someone could help , i could post the link to the torrent for someone to have a look at but dont know if thats allowed , any help would go a long way

    p.s you see i dont know if you get different types of pal or if all are (eur)