Optimize n64 ROMS for DS use?

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    Like how Nintendo made Super Mario DS (originally super mario 64), Rayman DS (originally rayman 2: The great escape), and several other games.
    Is there a program or some other way to shrink textures, and make an n64 ROM basic enough so that the NDS would be able to play it at a reasonable speed?

    I mostly ask this because Nintendo is wierd enough to remake these games (good games, but not 1337 games) and not the world's best n64 game [​IMG] : The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    I drool at the idea of being able to go up to people and say: "Don't talk to me! Can't you see i'm still stuck at the Deku Tree!?!?!"
    Just playin. I'd drool at the idea of being able to play OoT wherever and whenever. [​IMG]

    And when i think about it, the textures in Mario DS look alot crappier than the textures in mario 64. But then again, differences between Mario 64 and Mario DS with all the new levels, new animations, few new sprites, minigames...

    If so, we can look at today and say, "The original super smash bros enhanced by DS and its wonderful Wifi abilities?" [​IMG]

    *END RANT*
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    It isnt ported it's completely remade. This has been cover a GOOGLEPLEX NUMBER OF TIMES!
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    Technically it is possible, however the amount of work required would be enormous: the people responsible for porting games like this can take ages and they have far more resources than any would be homebrew porter.

    Distribution would be a complex issue as well.
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    Apr 30, 2003
    Without the source you have to reverse-engineer, which is not only illegal but incredibly time-consuming.

    In short, not possible.