O3ds (small) Write protection error

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    Oh my gosh, I'm getting sick of this 3DS' model being so flimsy and buggy.
    So, after installing some smash mods to my SD card, i inserted it back into my 3DS which was properly powered off and everything. It booted up with a write protection error.
    I checked the switch, and it was unlocked. I still slide it down, then back just to make sure. still nothing.
    The SD card slot on the handheld has always sounded scratchy, and felt just plain horrible to insert SD's into.. like I'm scraping against the hardware.

    This is exactly what happened to my last 3DS before it was turned into a paperweight due to an unrepairable SD card drive. (according to the person I brought it to)
    This 3DS was a gift from a friend, so I've been taking super tight care of it. So for this to happen is very upsetting.

    And it's only the o3ds' that do this. It's annoying.
    I'd have Nintendo look at it, but it lacks a serial. Also, they'd just probably delete my a9lh emunand somehow.

    Can anyone help me?
    Edit: Turns out it has the same problem on my computer. Thankfully I'm using a micro SD card... I'm still open to thoughts on how to avoid damaging my SD slot.
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    It seems the pin that detects whether it's locked or not (the switch actually does nothing) is twisted or something. The fact that it was always hard to insert shows that: maybe you pushed the SD too hard or something like that and it happened.

    The SD slot is very easy to tinker with on the O3DS. To remove it, just remove the cable and pull it off, but I don't think you need it. Remove the back case (unscrew the case and pull from the top, unscrew the second case + the cart slot and pull, done), find the pin and un-twist it.
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    I just got a 2DS from someone today that has this same error... seems the pin that moves to let
    the 2DS detect if the SD card is locked or not has snapped off (I compared the slot with another 2DS)

    I'm thinking of just soldering closed the two pins on the SD card reader of the 2DS using a soldering iron
    (i know, if i do this, the 2ds will write even if the SD card is locked, but I don't really care about that)
    but I have no idea which two pins are for the write protect switch., I think its the very top two (where the switch is) but i'm not 100% sure.