O3DS Safe to format?

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    I've been wanting to downgrade my 10.3E O3DS for quite a while now, but I tried quite a few times and I always got a softbrick. I haven't tried downgrading again since the 10.4 update came out, because I didn't want to be stuck on 10.4. According to some, formatting your system should fix the problem, but I have a lot of purchased content, save files, ambassador games, etc on my system. I thought since the system saves almost everything to the SD Card, would nothing would be gone if I format? My question is, if I format, will all my content and NNID, aside from DSi software and some photos still be there and usable?

    If not, I know you can use a save file backup or re-download the games again, but I have so much content it would probably take a few days to get everything back.

    Thanks for the help!

    EDIT: I found out games will still be on your SD, but invalidated, and you'll have to redownload them. So I have some questions;
    1. If I use the save data backup function, will I be able to restore the save file for each redownloaded game?
    2. Will my old eShop account be usable?
    3. Will my theme used for menuhax still be usable?
    4. Will the latest system update be downloaded after formatting?
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