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    Mar 30, 2011
    United States
    Hi guys, Im kinda new at posting.

    Ive been makin my own nsmb hack lately.

    Recently i encountered two problems that i couldnt find the answers to anywhere..

    I recreated world 1 level 2 area 1 and on desmume it runs great. But when i run it on my acekard the level has a red square around it with a red line in the center..

    I figured if it ran great on desmume why would it mess up on the flashcart. Plus my other 2 levels have been edited wayy more and they look and run perfect.

    My other problem is this.
    I edited the tower and everythin was perfect.
    One second it was running perfect on desmume.
    The very next second i tried playin the level and now when i go into it. The screen is just black!
    It was literally from one second to the next.
    I figured i would export the level and import it into a clean rom.
    But it still does the same thing for both levels =(

    Could someone help me out.
    Im pretty new at this stuff and was just doin it for fun, but i really started to enjoy it.
    Only to have this crap happen lol.

    anyways if u guys could help me recover these levels & teach me how to recover files when this happens it would be awesome!

    oh yea. also wut are the: "name of rom".ds1 or ds2 files??
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