NOOB POST! Downgrade 10.7 and install A9LX

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    Sorry , I would consider myself an advanced computer user as I have a degree in IT and do it every day but this is killing me. I did not want to have to ask but I am at a loss and cannot figure this out.

    After reading many posts on this site and the posts links I have the following questions "for now".
    I have two old 3DSXL's one has 10.7.0-32U the other has 7.2.0-16U. I have been recently (as I could not get other down grade procedures to work) been using to try and go through this process, but when I get to the downgrade of the 10.7 (cant even get past step one boy I suck) using this page I cannot figure out what to do. I bought OOT today but I cannot figure out how to use the files on the web page to exploit the haxx save slot.

    Does any one know of an OOT exploit procedure for dummies? because I cannot figure this one out

    I thought starting with the one on 7.2 would be easier but I can find nothing on how to upgrade from 7.2 to A9LX.


    Edit: Just Realized I posted in the wrong place!
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    So I assume you don't have Oothax working? If you don't, use this tutorial (you will need Powersaves or some other way to access the homebrew menu):

    And you don't really upgrade from a firmware to a9lh lol. They're completely different things. For the 7.2 3ds, I recommend first updating from 7.2 to 9.2 as that's the optimal firmware to be on. Here's the guide I'd recommend you use. After that, continue with the guide from step one (the 7.2 3ds will be easier).
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    Here you go. The instructions on how to update to 9.2.0 are here:

    Found it in this paragraph on Plailect's Guide (Part 1)

    If you are below version 9.0.0, you can find instructions for updating to 9.2.0-20 here. Browserhax does not support versions below 9.0.0.
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    I'll add that, when your 7.2 3ds will be able to access the HBL, you can inject the corrupted save file for oot with it.