noob needs help with using first flash cart (r4 sdhc 2016)

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by DarkRioru, Dec 2, 2016.

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    hey guys, I had gotten my first flash cart a few months ago for $17.00 from an awesome amazon seller and I just need to know basic things like:

    1. how to use themes on the menu (I tried tons of themes by placing the files into the default themes and changing the theme to the one with the files but I'm just stupid when it comes to using a flashcart since I never owned a cart before...)

    2. homebrew apps with wifi ( I need to know how to use wifi with my games/homebrew apps so I can use stuff like the cheat file updater app, and others)

    3. gba games?? I had grabbed two more carts from the same seller for my cousins who are also gamers and Yu-Gi-Oh! enthusiasts so, they can play their favorate game on the gba: Yu-Gi-Oh! world tournament 2004... but, that was until I realized that the only emulator that worked on the r4 wasn't polished and crashed every time I would try to run it... and too many settings to go through every time to start playing a single game

    4. guru meditation error ( this error pops up when I try to start a gba game on that unrefined emulator... I need to future proof to make sure this doesn't happen with other apps)
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    1. depends of the kernel really. I owned a card that was based on AKIO and themes were just a bunch of images
    2. Homebrew apps with WIFI will work only if your router is using WEP or no security. WPA is not supported.
    3. There is a GBA emulator but's more a proof of concept than an actually useable program
    4. read 3.
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