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    I successfully installed the Homebrew Channel onto an old Wii I have, along with the Homebrew Browser. I then went on to download a few emulators. I was successful playing SNES ROMS (using Snes9x), but I'm not sure what to do with these Saturn files. The place where I acquired the files, they come in various shapes and sizes. For example, Night Into Dreams, when unzipped, becomes a couple of image files, along with a slew of MP3s. Burning Rangers, on the other hand, is two image files and one MP3. Not knowing what the heck to do with these, I just copied the entire folder for each into the SSROMS folder. Of course, the emulator (when booted from the Homebrew Channel) does not see any ISO/ROMS to load.

    Help please.
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    That's odd... That sounds more like how PC engine Super CD-ROM games are released (since all music were just uncompressed CD-DA tracks it made more sense to compress them to MP3 to distribute them)

    Saturn games are normally distributed as regular ISO formats (img/bin, ISO, nrg, etc)

    So no clue what to tell you. Depending on what the files are, you could probably compile them into a working ISO, but since I don't know exactly what they are I couldn't tell you for certain. Best bet? Dump your own Saturn games or if you absolutely must pirate, do so from a website that doesn't store saturn games stupidly.