No .txt showing (Release Notes, .txt files, Blank)?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by kineticUk, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. kineticUk

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Just wanted to check with others using AKAIO as I cannot read .txt files (Not bothered) or get the release notes when I download through the wifi update. Its just a small problem I have had since version 1.5 (loaders updates have not made any difference) but never remembered to investigate further.
    When the reader kicks in I get the parsing text message then after waiting I get an empty display window.
    When downloading with the "get release notes" option enabled I get the empty display window before my download.

    I have tried re-installing AKAIO, reformatting etc and all the loaders I have been using since version 1.5 came out but this problem remains.(I'm using DSLite RPG AKAIO 1.5 and latest loaders 21/12/09...everything else works perfectly for me on this setup. I have no other issues (except 3in1+ related) since the latest loaders were released..fixed all my white screen reset problems which was f-in great thanks normmatt).
    Just wondered if anyone had noticed this as well, I wonder if its my error or maybe RPG only problem? I don't have another card (Ak2i or Ak2) to check though.
    Thanks in advance for helping me out, if I can confirm its a possible bug I can report it on the AKAIO forum.

  2. TrolleyDave

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    I've not noticed the Whats New notes not being displayed, but I'm pretty sure the Text Viewer plugin was removed with the rest of them.