no$sns - a new debugging grade snes emulator

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    Not entirely sure where to stick this so it goes here for now.

    Martin Korth who is better known as the author of no$gba and no$gmb (at various points the leading/most technically accurate emulators for the DS, GBA, GBC and GB and they also all feature top flight debugging options) as well as documents for the GBA,DS and GB/GBC that pretty much every rom hacker ( ) and low level coder for those systems has as required reading is back after a bit of a hiatus with a snes emulator aiming to do much the same (high accuracy and serious debugging features).

    Site (down at time of posting- emubase has been having a rough couple of months)

    Relevant link

    I am not much of a SNES hacker but there does seem to have been a need for a nice debugger (some of the others usually seen with snes9x and Zsnes have more than their fair share of issues and current wonder emulator bsnes' Laevateinn could always use some competition).

    Nods to Prof.9 and luigiblood for the news.
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    Glad to see he's still around. Many of us had wondered what happened after he disappeared years ago.
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    man i thought something happened to this guy, nice to hear he is working on new projects.
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    Now there's even less of an excuse for ROM hacks/translations to not run on original hardware. X3