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freeShop is patched. No fixes are available. It's been a nice ride.
Official freeShop Discord server (thanks @Dionicio3)

freeShop QR code.png
Community freeShop releases website
Community freeShop source code
Thanks to the people on this list

Latest nightly of freeShop (thanks @scj643)

Update as of December 2017 (by Paul)
I still can't resolve the crashing issue when pressing start. I'm not able to reproduce this in any way, even after trying to completely format my 3ds

Update as of January 2018 (sup guys its Evi)
Paul unexpectedly renamed his notabug account from Paul_GameDev to Paul_GD without telling anyone. :glare: I've updated the above urls to reflect the new repository URLs, but the auto updater is broken until further notice. Also removed the QR until I can be ascertained that one works again as well.

Update as of January 2018 (by trainboy2019)
Paul is no longer the main developer of freeShop. Evi has taken up the responsibility of maintaining freeShop and managing pull requests.

Update as of March 2018 (by Evi)
As Pauls version is set up to automagically update to the community maintained version, I'd very quickly like to note the following few things:
- freeShops working directory has changed from sdmc://3ds/data/freeShop to sdmc://3ds/freeShop (this as the data folder is practically unused by any other homebrew nowadays and it saves a little on size). You will need to move over your old settings manually.
- If freeShop crashes during the update sequence (I've had two people report this to me), this is because of the GitHub TLS revoke (GitHub used to be used for the cache). Just reboot freeShop until it starts working. Once it does, it shouldn't crash during the boot sequence anymore.

This homebrew software, originally coded by TheCruel, allows you to download software you own via an encTitleKey.bin file.

How to use it:
1/ Install the latest version of this software (Download link above) on your preferred CFW.
2/ Put an URL linking to the encTitleKey.bin file on the freeShop's Settings > Update > Auto-update title keys from URL.
3/ You can now use freeShop, enjoy !

Q: Do I need a CFW for this?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a 3dsx version?

A: Yes, however the cia version is recommended, because the 3dsx can have features missing and bugs.

Q: Why are games missing? They're on the eShop.

A: It only shows games for which you have the title key (dumped to encTitleKeys.bin). And even then some games won't show because they're not cached server-side (this will eventually change).

Q: Why does freeShop show DLC as installed when I don't have it?

A: All DLC is lumped together with the same title id, so even partial installs will show it as installed. If you're missing DLC, just delete it and reinstall it. If eShop partially installed it, or you previously purchased some DLC through eShop on that console, you may lose the DLC freeShop installs when you revisit eShop. This is currently unavoidable.

Q: Can freeShop download while sleeping?
A: Yes, please read the instructions.

Q: Can I download games of any region?
A: Depends on your CFW. Most of them allow it, including the popular Luma3DS.

Q: Is this safe? Will I get banned/sued for using this?
A: Even modding your console's software/firmware runs legal risks. But like running freeShop, the risk is minimal. If you make sure to only install games you've purchased, then you remain in a safer legal grey area. And there is no way for Nintendo to know which client IP owns which games. That would requires some analytic guesswork, potentially resulting in many false-positive bans. Not likely to happen and none have been reported.

Q: Why did you do a fork?
A: Because I can. Because TheCruel can't, for some reasons, update it anymore.

Q: Why starting a new thread?

A: The original was... polluted with *what happened to TheCruel*, starting at page 300, and some users requested to open a new thread.

Q: OMG, I know what happened to him, I will say it on this thread!!!!

A: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, this thread is for talking about my fork of freeShop, and the Original freeShop, not about what TheCruel did, that's how the original thread went into a complete disaster. If you want to know what happened and discuss about it, do it here:

Q: How to I update to this version?
A: Simply scan new QR Code with FBI

Q: How to dump my encTitleKey.bin file?
- First, you'll need to install and launch GodMode9:
- If you followed 3ds.guide, you should already have GodMode9, simply hold the START Button and select GodMode9 if asked.
- When GodMode9 is started, press the HOME Button
- Select the "More..." option
- Select the "Build support files" option
- Press the A button
- Press 2x the B button
- Select the "[0:] SDCARD" option
- Go to the "gm9out" folder
- Hover the "encTitleKeys.bin" file
- Press the Y Button
- Press the B Button
- Go to the "3ds" folder, "freeShop" folder, and then keys folder
- Press the Y Button and then the A Button to paste your "encTitleKeys.bin" file

Q: Why did you thank yourself for creating the discord?
A: People were complaining on how I use copied arc13’s original threa, so I kept that part in as a joke.

Q: Why don't I have any friends?
A: You should get out more.

Q: Hello?
A: No one is here


I keep getting "Failed to install seed" errors.

You likely have a FW version < 9.6 and therefore cannot play newer games that utilize crypto seeds. You can fix this with a FW update.

I keep getting "Wrong title key" errors.

You're probably not using correct encrypted keys (encTitleKeys.bin). Decrypted keys will give this error.

I keep getting "Failed to finalize TMD install: 0xC86044D2".

The system is reporting that you don't have enough space on your SD card to install the game. If it's a DSiWare game, then it's your NAND that doesn't have the space.

I keep getting "Failed to finalize content install: 0xD8E08025".
There are many possible reasons for this. But one known diagnosis is a possible SD card problem. For example, a fake SD card who is reporting space available while it's actually full will often give this error. Double-check your SD card.

I get error code 0xD8A08004

This happens with the installation state gets screwed up. You have to reboot the console to get rid of it. If you consistently get this, report how so the bug can be fixed.

Some games icons are missing/glitched
Refresh your cache via the freeShop's settings > Update > Refresh Cache button.

I keep getting Ticket Error with all games I want to download
Install and launch tikSweep, then reboot your console, this may fix your problem.

I don't get any sound when I'm on the freeShop
Please dump your DSP and launch the eShop.

freeShop is crashing when I try press Start to Exit
Please uninstall freeShop and delete the "SD:/3ds/data/freeShop" Folder, then reinstall the latest cia from https://notabug.org/evi/freeShop/releases

freeShop keeps saying suspended when downloading certain DLCs
The most likely cause is that game has unreleased DLC. You must wait until all DLC is released.

My question is not listed here
Ask here

I wonder if people will notice this secret

Thanks to the users of this fork, TheCruel did a fantastic job for this software, the code is very understandable and clean.
Please feedback any feature that you want, or report any bug there.

[FAQ] Is freeShop legal? (thanks Lilith Valentine)
Theming guide for freeShop

Timmy Companion - Easy Texts.json modifier for theme makers
Sapphire - freeShop sysmodule to blink LED when sleep download finishes

Please don't talk about TheCruel here !
Why freeShop broke:

On July the 30th, 2018, Nintendo released 3DS system update 11.8.0-41. This system update changed the nim module (which is used by the 3DS itself to install titles and system updates) to send along two new headers. One of these headers is a base64 version of the ticket.

Tickets on the 3DS are signed by a key that Nintendo only has and is not considered Reverse Engineerable (meaning it's not possible to make your own correctly signed tickets). When CFW is installed (such as Luma3DS), it is possible to disable the signature checks for these tickets on the system itself.

Programs like freeShop make their own tickets, which are considered incorrectly signed.

On 9th of August, 2018, Nintendo started enabling requiring these headers on a small number of titles, mostly 1st and 2nd party titles. Before 9th of August, while tickets would not need to be send along, Nintendo would still verify and reject downloads with an incorrectly signed ticket (this could be seen in freeShop by trying to do a sleep download, which uses the nim module, which would subsequently fail).

On 22nd of August, Nintendo expanded this change to all of their commercial applications.

Source: 3dbrew
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The dark theme is really nice, though I would have preferred a light gray instead of red for icons and such.

--------------------- MERGED ---------------------------

You don't know me, but my name's Sai
I'm just a freeshop loving guy
And I think this fork might be worth a try
So I say... Let it grooow.
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The dark theme is really nice, though I would have preferred a light gray instead of red for icons and such.

--------------------- MERGED ---------------------------

dead meme
Memes never die, they live forever in our hearts.

But in all seriousness, thanks to all those involved with freeshop. You kick ass.
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