No Identifying Data Fetched

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    Yes, I return with yet another problem.

    I have an old-bootrom 3GS, and attempted to jailbreak it (again), but today with 5.1, seeing that I could still get an untether. It all seems fine until it gets to the "Waiting for reboot" screen, and then the horrifying message strikes.
    "No Identifying Data Fetched."
    And then I reboot it, and everything is fine and dandy.

    HOWEVER, I also tried selecting the IPSW manually, and that had limited success, resulting in my having a still unjailbroken iPhone and a 600 MB IPSW (?) just sitting on it's hard drive, which also has the tendency to show up as an iPhone in recovery mode after an attempt to jailbreak(until I reboot).

    So, I can either blindly restore my iPhone to rid myself of the junk IPSW and suffer the concequences of a wipe, or I can come to you all for an answer.