no$gba v2.8c released - 07 May 2016

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    07 May 2016 - no$gba version 2.8c
    - webpage: added some dev forum links ( and
    - help: added "us" to known dsi-regions (including its countries and languages)
    - dsi: re-ordered wram as C-then-B (fixes 3780000h boundary issue on us/sysmenu)
    - dsi/wifi/help: added specs for WMI commands/events (and for BMI boot-commands)
    - dsi/sdmmc/help: added sd/mmc state info (specs when/which command can be used)
    - dsi/softreset: allows rebooting dsi firmware via NUM-* (reinit DSi registers)
    - dsi: can boot NDS games from within DSi mode (tweaks non4MB via fake_scfg_ext)
    - dsi: supports NDS-backwards-compatibility-touchscreen mode (for NDS games)
    - dsi: supports NDS-bios-mapping in DSi mode (for NDS games booted via sysmenu)
    - dsi: supports firmware-coldboot (when bios_intro enabled with nds_mode=DSi)
    - dsi: bugfixed jumps in new wram via addr_code_table (fixes many DSi problems)
    - dsi/help: added DSi Atheros Wifi I2C EEPROM info (access and partial content)
    - debug/gui: fixed system colors used for cpu-flag checkboxes (swapped red/blue)
    - dsi/help: added notes on dumping wifi bios, and on dumping dsi keys from 3ds
    - dsi/help: added flipnote fileformat, added notes on \shared2\0000 file
    - nds7: emulates disabled bios area being FFh-filled (define_nds7_bios_rom)
    - aes: forces instant completion on aes-body-len-zero (boot sysflaw via sysmenu)
    - sdio/wifi: initializes 0500458h to ZERO (indicating not firmware yet uploaded)
    - dsi/bugfix: moved "sdmmc_try_drain_write_buffer" after status/state handling
    - dsi: wifi init mimmicked good enough to run bootcode without WLFIRM 2 error
    - dsi/sdmmc: supports card_irq
    - dsi/i2c: omits ACK response on non-existing devices (especially A0h/E0h cams)
    - dsi/misc: omits arm7 warning on 4004001h access, sets DSi flag in
    - dsi: emulates SCFG_MC register (else hangs after starting a game in bootmenu)
    - xtensa: auto-resolves special registers mov opcodes to symbolic sfr_xxx names
    - dsi/loader: supports loading AR60xxG.rom (for disass at atheros:8E0000h)
    - dsi/mapping: supports MBK mapping to TEAK memory space (for teak disassembler)
    - dsi/sdmmc: supports WRITE_MULTIPLE command (requires eMMC image with CID+ID)
    - dsi: supports 32bit 4004D00h read, and more 16bit/32bit access for other ports
    - dsi/jpeg/help: added notes on computing jpeg/exif MAC signatures (via AES-CCM)
    - dsi/sdmmc: emulates fifo16/fifo32, irq-edge-triggering, fixed bits, etc.
    - dsi/help: added lots of details on sd/mmc/sdio controller's I/O ports
    - dsi/help: updated dsi exploits chapter (notes on resurrected dsiware hax, etc)
    - dsi/help: addded teak instruction set specs (encoding, syntax, params)
    - dsi/help: added atheros/wifi registers specs (for sdio side and xtensa side)
    - dsi/debug: added teaklite II disassembler (see menubar, window, teak)
    - dsi/wifi/debug: added xtensa disassembler (see menubar, window, atheros)
    - dsi/wifi/help: added xtensa/cpu instruction set and xtensa/cpu register map
    - dsi/sdio: partial sdio/atheros simulation (passing most of "PRE-AUTH" phase)
    - dsi/help: added sdio specs (cmd52/cmd53 and cccr, fbr, cia areas)
    - dsi/boot: fixed initialization of emmc-info in main ram
    - dsi/help: added various details (initial ram, etc.)
    - nds/debug: optional IPC fifo send/recv logging (in tty debug message window)
    - dsi/bptwl: supports writing BPTWL registers (except invalid/readonly ones)
    - debug/tty: displays sd/mmc command names, and resolves sdio func:addr's
    - debug: accepts mirror of 3800000h at 3FF0000h without warning (common on dsi)
    - dsi/help: details on tmd, tickets, and big-endian aes-cbc decryption
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    Awesome Nocash! Keep moving forward!!! :yaynds:
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    Nice. I am not sure how personally useful I will find the DSi stuff but I am certainly happy to see it for others. If it also means the debugger is being tweaked and improved then even better.
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    Nice update nocash .

    Here an EX5 version for others - No$Gba 2.8c - Ex5 Patched

    NO$GBA v2.8c Change Log

    Fix some Games, Rune factory a harvest moon est
    Software Sound
    Frame skips
    Slight speedup
    Bright Sunlight
    NDS-Lite in GBA mood (poppy)
    Built in EX5 from No$Zoomer, Modded
    Download attached.

    EDIT: Sorry removed wrong version - re-uploaded correct version, re-try from 19.42 PM

    Attached Files:

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    EDIT: re-fixed correct version ^ 2.8c . sorry was 2.8b

    re-download .
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    Nice, but there are still a lot of bugs with no$gba that I would like to see fixed. For example:
    - Exceptions are not correctly emulated. When nintendo's custom exception handler address is zero it does not even jump to the exception vector, even if this exception vector was overwritten on the arm9 (by setting it's address to 0 instead of the bios and putting your own code in there)
    - There are still issues with the 3d engine sometimes (seem to be some kind of sorting problems), mainly with an orthographic projection. There is also some texure distortion sometimes (only at some angles). (and it still has no anti-aliasing, but that's not really a problem, would be a nice addition though)
    - When the DTCM is not mapped at nintendo's default address, it's impossible to view it, because in the memory viewer it's zero filled (devkitpro maps it to 0B000000 for example)
    - Setting a breakpoint at a thumb instruction while in arm mode fucks everything up (and the other way around)

    Mainly that last point is very annoying.
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    Way to go nocash. Development is life.
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    @nocash123 I've got to ask... are you describing a mere bug or an exploitable vulnerability here? I'd be interested in developing this into something end-user-friendly if it's the latter!
  9. nocash123

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    Aug 4, 2015
    Just a bugfix for the AES hardware emulation, needed to boot the "System Flaw" game cartridge via the firmware's "System Menu", nothing exploitable.
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    No$GBA Archive Collection

    Updated -!wIw0hIAT!gG6ZWgmXLX7galHP3wi9bg

    @nocah, if you have any of the missing in the collection ^ ?, Please pass them onto me and i'll add into the collection by PM, Seems may are missing over the years.

    With thanks J591.
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