Nintendont corrupted my flash drive

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    I got five isos *snip*
    NFS Underground
    NFS Most Wanted 2005
    Animal Crossing
    Luigi’s Mansion
    Mario Kart - Double Dash!!
    I did everything and after that I put my usb into the slot and turned on my Wii and it worked.
    I wanted to play another game so then I pressed the home button on the classic controller pro. It took me back to HBC. But once I went back on to Nintendont, the files were not appearing. So then I used USB Loader GX and the files appeared. I played a lot of Animal Crossing and Mario Kart Double Dash and I tried out NFS U and NFS MW 2005. After playing these games I saved the data and quit USB Loader GX by pressing the home button. And then I played F-Zero using Snes9x and once I went back to USB Loader GX the files were gone and nothing appeared. The files have completely disappeared. I looked this issue up online and people seem to have issues regarding wbfs. The only thing on my flash drive related to wbfs was just an empty folder called wbfs. My flash drive is corrupted. And whenever I try to open my drive it says to insert a disc. Someone on Reddit suggested that I create a partition and remove all the files. Can you guys help me out. I do not know any good data recovery programs and applications that fix your corrupted flash drive. And can you guys please tell me how to leave a game in Nintendont. I used to press the home button and I am pretty sure that is not the proper way to exit a game. Thanks. As always help is appreciated.
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    Stop using flash drives and expecting to have ongoing success.

    Those are not made for games.
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    noticed that you are new, shouldn't you read the rules before making posts? You can get yourself banned if you violates rules. DO NOT LINK OR MENTION WAREZ SITES.