Nintendo Wii No Video Error

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  1. My Wii got unplugged today and now I get no video but sound, working wii motes and all of that. So, I'm deducing the video part on the Wii got broke. What's this exact part and could I replace it? Is there a guide for something like this?
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    If the video hardware was completely broken, it would halt the wii's loading execution... I know this is basic, but did you double check all your cables? Make sure you have your TV set to the right input?
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    Perhaps the video part of the cable is broken (it's the cable with the yellow plug in the standard composite cable).
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    Yeah, it's likely that when it got unplugged (presumably improperly) you broke the video part of your Wii's video cable. Just buy a new one from Nintendo (or a cheap third-party one if you don't mind it).
  5. I tried three cables, two component and one VGA. And the wii has picture now but it's awful since i notice a thing similar to a scan bar and wavy distortion lines moving up on it, even when it's in Component in 480p, which makes no sense! The wii was crystal clear before. There's no way to replace the internet video thing? Is it just a motherboard?