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    Oct 24, 2002
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    Huge Nintendo DS Media Update

    Check this thread for a big Nintendo DS media update from the recent Nintendo conferences!

    Latest Media:
    Photos from Japanese conference
    Super Mario 64 DS - New screens!
    Madden DS - First ever screens!
    Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt DEMO - NEW screens!
    Spiderman DS - First ever screens!
    Ridge Racer DS - NEW screens!
    Mr Driller DS - NEW screens!
    Asphalt Urban GT - First ever screen!!
    New Nintendo DS Hardware Shots
    Puppy Times (aka. Nintendogs) - New screens
    Pokémon Dash - Screens.
    Yoshi's Touch & Go - New screens.
    Wario Ware Inc. DS - Screens.
    Advance Wars DS - Screens.[/p]

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Thread Status:
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