NGP games will be downloadable day-and-date with retail releas

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    SCEA hasn't managed to deliver all PSP UMD releases digitally -- let alone simultaneously with retail -- and even said the likelihood of making such parity would be several years off. That doesn't appear to be the case with PSP's sucessor, the NGP, based on comments made by SCEE president Andrew House.

    "One thing we learnt from PSP, is that we want to have simultaneous delivery in digital and physical for NGP," House told MCV. "Just to clarify that, all games that appear physically will be made available digitally."

    While that's certainly positive news, we're still waiting on word about Sony filling in the gaps on downloadable PSP back-catalog games -- which will run on the NGP, some with patched-in support for the handheld's second analog stick. Then there's the matter of the system's proprietary flash storage media, needed to store downloaded games, being a bit fuzzy. In short: Sony still has a lot to explain about its powerful new portable.[/p]
    [​IMG] Source (Joystiq)
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    I guess this means no Kingdom Hearts games on NGP.
    Square Enix will break that rule when they release a Kingdom Hearts game on NGP, it's inevitable.
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    ok this is a good idea so no waiting long anymore
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    Well then, I guess they don't have to worry about me CFW-ing the thing, unless a PS2 Popsloader comes out.
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    Yeah, me like the Nintendo Game Player too [​IMG] ... or was it the Neo-Geo Pocket [​IMG] ... meh, can't remenber anymore. [​IMG]
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    Not interesting. Maybe never unless few megaman series and other some games I really liked then I might reconsider but for now.. NONE> I keep money to myself more wise this time.
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    Cool. I love downloadable games, you don't have to worry about losing the disc or getting it scratched.
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    Not a fan, whether have the physical game.
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    Well this should make importing games no problem anymore.
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    Me think that's not true.

    You will download the games from your NGP which will be synced to your PSN account, meaning that your European PSN account won't allow you to download games from , let's say Japan, due to the region-locking system (not sure but, NGP will be region-lock right ?)
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    ...These games are going to be big. Seriously. I hope everyone has a sweet onnection.
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    Can't we just have physical? I feel like either this won't work or will be detrimental in the long-term, though I guess that's just me thinking of the Go.

    Also, Where's Guild? I'm surprised he's not here yet [​IMG].
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    then go out and buy the game, they are just offering both options
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    what more do u want when u have both of em... very nice work and probably great for those who want it cheaper (i think it might be for the digital version correct?) and those who want the game immediately on the card
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    Welcome to PC gaming. Seriously, I think more people buy from Steam and other download services more than retail nowadays for PC games.

    And 2GB to 4GB games is far from "big", especially compared to other downloadable media (like Games on Demand on the 360, games on Steam as I mentioned before, etc).

    This is a much better way of pushing digital distribution than the Go did, which is good. Now they just need good sales from their downloadable titles and they'll be set.
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    they should make a thing where you can go to gamestop, walmart or whatever store and plug it in to usb and download titles, usb > network. but knowing sony they probably will fuck up the protection on it and it will be softmodded in days.
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    Of course they wouldn't do that, considering that a person can just let someone else copy that game to to USB without paying.
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    You do realize there's a 3G version that will be available, not at launch but it will exist.
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    Wow, where do you live? Even in my country, that have shitty connections/ISP's, we can download 2/4GB with ease.

    This is perfect. I'll probably buy two NGP's (one for mods/emulation and one to keep with NGP/PSP/PSX originals). I want to Nintendo make 3DS titles disponible on E-shop too, not only the Virtual console and demos...

    Someone asked if the NGP was region locked: PROBABLY no, if it's like the PSP, where the teams have the choice of making it region exclusive or not (thus never being used). So you can have a PSN account wherever do you want and play games of that region regardless.
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    But then you will need multiple PSP2 consoles because you will need to link every console to a PSN account to be able to download the games. That being said, if you want to be able to play japanese released games without having to import them, you will have to create a PSN account as from japan and link it to your PSP2, which will not allow you to download European or American releases since you are from Japan.

    Plus, Sony could use a system to identify the market zone of that console as they did with the PSP, where Japanese PSP end in 1 as in PSP-1001, PSP-2001, PSP-3001, whereas American ones end in PSP-1002, PSP-2002, PSP-3002 ... so that way even if you set an account as from Japan when you try to link it to your American or European console it will detect that the console belongs to another Market Zone.

    What I think is that if you have a Japanese PSN account, it will only allow you to download content from the Japanese PSN store and the same for the European and american accounts.

    So if you have an American PSN account linked to your PSP2, even if you want to download that Super-Awesome new game that was just released in japan, it won't be possible because in order for you to be able to download it it will have to show up as downloadable on your American PSN Store.

    Now ... is it possible to link a console to multiples accounts on PSN ? if not, that means you will need multiple consoles for multiples accounts.