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Nov 18, 2017
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So I've been going through the process of hacking my original Wii. I've been doing this to get all my gamecube games and Wii games pulled from their discs and put onto a hard-drive partitioned into two sections (one formatted for cube games and one left unformatted for Wii games). I've finally gotten the process down where USB Loader GX is working in conjunction with Nintendont to play my gamecube games flawlessly.
Now that I've digitized my entire library of Wii and Gamecube games, I'm left with the seemingly daunting task of moving this harddrive over to the WiiU. I've read guides and... well... my situation is a bit unique (though I'm sure someone else has seen it before).

Upon getting the WiiU at launch, I transferred my content over from my old Wii (long ago) and it even moved the homebrew channel I had installed from my Smash Hacking days. As such, I already have the homebrew channel on the WiiU. And I remember it worked to play modded smash bros (though all those files have long since vanished due to an internal hard drive crash).

As such, I would like to know the following items. If you simply want to link to what I'm not seeing in guides already up, please do because I can't seem to find and confirm what is needed:

#1 - WIth homebrew already installed on the vWii on the WiiU, is there ANYTHING else I would need to obtain or will I simply be able to move my harddrive over to the WiiU and get rolling?
#1.5 - And will I be able to plug said hard drive back into the old Wii to rip more cube /wii games as I happen to find ones that I didn't have prior?
#2 - Is there a way to launch USB Loader GX from the vWii (or Wii) menu and skip loading the homebrew channel? Is there a way to get this on the WiiU launch menu to skip launching the vWii entirely?
#3 - I've seen a few things in regards to digitizing one's WiiU library. I'm very interested to know if there's an official guide on that yet or is that still in the works? I'm even fine leaving this as a separate hard drive so I don't take up all the space on my TB (though if WiiU games don't take up a lot of space, I may be fine with it all in one).

Sorry to waste your time with noob questions that I could spend more time googling. But I keep finding different sources of information that seem to give different steps or methods and I'm looking for the simplest and streamliniest method to making the WiiU an all-in-one machine. Thank you!


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Aug 24, 2017
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Yeah I think if you have USB Loader GX on your Wii U you can just use the same drive and play all the games
When I got my Wii U and installed homebrew in the vWii I just plugged in my old 32GB USB drive and it worked, the only thing I lost were USB Loader GX settings because those were stored on the SD card I used with my Wii

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