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    My son has a DsiXL with an R4 Gold Pro cart from It was working fine until today when you select the cart from the ds menu it got stuck on the 'Loading' screen. I turned it off few times and now both screens just stay white when you select the cart from the main menu. I tried formatting it and loading updates from the cart's site but no success. Is this card dead now ? Any help appreciated.
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    If there's another DS model you can get to try running the cart on, that would help troubleshoot the issue.
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    Jul 11, 2013
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    normally the SD card that the issue if you get stuck on loading screens and White screens
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    what on earth are you talking about. its typical that flash kits fail for no reason? they problems could be a corrupted msd card, a corrupted bootloader, or even a contact issue. do not instantly suggest that users must run out and buy a new kit, regardless of the fact that they are running a poorly supported clone. your comments, 17 posts into being a member, do nothing but cause frustration and panic for the user.

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