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    hey guys i just got done softmodding my mario edition wii i got for christmas.just had a couple of newbie questions.. first: there is no need for me to downgrade right from what i have read the only advantage is playing copies which my wii wont be able to play anyways right... second: which media player is the best out right now i am really looking for channels instead of using the hbc cuz my wifes not to bright when it comes to stuff like that. third: which emulators are the best looking for nes snes genisis n64 and again want channels.. fourth: am i dumb for wanting channels instead of hbc apps.. everywhere i look there are apps for the hbc is there a reason i should go apps in hbc instead of channels. other than just saving space fifth: what are the channels i must have to make my wii the koolist around.. any help would be appreciated thanx in advance.. Sorry such a newbie Thanx again
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    IMO, WiiMC is one of the best. I'll post a link below.

    Now for the channels..there's two different options. A channel in itself and a forwarding channel. I'd suggest the forwarder channel as it uses less Wii NAND (less blocks) A forwarder channel basically just loads the file off your \apps folder
    Forwarder channel -;can=2&q=

    Here's some useful guides if you haven't already

    SNES emulator
    here's a forwarding channel, might be oudated though

    Google and youtube is your friend.

    your on your own finding ROMs on this forum at least, it's against the TOS to post links for them, sorry.