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    Hi everyone!

    I'm hoping to kick start a two week contest (may be longer) starting next week. Before I do it I would like some advice on the prizes that I'm offering. Mainly because I don't know which to place as first, second or third place prize and I'm even considering a fourth place prize. Here are the prizes as follows...

    2 maybe 3 foot Sonic the Hedgehog Plushie

    Remote Controlled Mario Kart Racer (Never been opened)

    Dragon Quest Jessica Vinyl Figure (Opened but never touched - piratically in mint condition)

    Half maybe 3/4th foot Hello Kitty and Ai Ai (Super Monkey Ball) Plush bundle

    here's how the contest works. 5 dollars USD will guarantee you a chance to win First Place prize or any other (provided that the prize above is already given away to someone else during the drawing). 4 Dollars and you win second or below. 3 for third and if I decide to do a fourth place prise the 2 dollars would put you in for fourth prize. I pay for shipping the item to you. What will happen is, everybody donates and, if I reach uo to the $264.00 that I need I get to buy me a Wii. Here's the catch I really want to donate to the Starlight Starbright fund to help needy gamers. There's a starlight Starbright donation box at my local Game Crazy store. If the contest goes well and I make well over the value of a Wii I will GLADLY give everything over the $264.00 to the donation box. I have pictures of the would be prises and will upload them soon. if you also want a picture of the donation box for the Starlight fund. Tell me and I will also upload a pic of that tomorrow. Sure it may sound a bit greedy wanting a wii for my self but in my time of need i also want to help others out. That's why I'm hoping to generate more that the wii's value so we can make someone's holiday a happy one [​IMG] Please guys give me your input.

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